FIFA Women’s ‘Rise of the Underdog’
- social video campaign -
We worked with Media Monks (London) to celebrate Japan’s ‘Nadeshiko‘s’ 2011 WWC win - a triumph over adversity. For the Japanese, it was a way to inspire their country, which was still dealing with the effects of a tsunami that sparked a nuclear crisis just a month earlier.

FIFA - Women's World Cup from Rens Lelieveld on Vimeo.

My job as a CD included: writing the script, overseeing illustration work and the editing of the film.

We used comic-book style graphics and short sharp scenes to capture the dynamism and heroism of all the game, and its players. Overseeing the editing process, I was able to ensure the final social video was a fitting homage to the Japan teams and their champion spirit.

The Nadeshiko‘s win in Germany highlighted that there was a space in which talented, ambitious girls and women could write new stories on the pitch and defy preconceptions, wherever they were from.

The game shined a light on the strength of women’s football and its breakout stars, including  Brazilian legend Marta, United States dynamo Abby Wambach and of course, Super Saki. These are just a few of the players highlighted in the video.