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Campaign: Privacy is Personal

Facebook’s ‘Privacy is Personal’ 2019 campaign centres around individual users “wants and
needs” when it comes to Facebook privacy, including who can see their photos and posts. 

The Job

Creating a ABL and BTL campaign and ad spot that promoted Facebook’s new privacy features.  My approch: to investigate the notion of ‘privacy settings’
online and offline. In the script, we compare Facebook’s online privacy settings to a person’s privacy level at the beach. 
The analogy was a fun approach to - let’s face it - a pretty dry topic. And an easy way to understand how different people feel more or less
comfortable in different environments.

A mix of social media stories and a short video (above), whether on the beach or a busy commute,
highlighted people’s offline ‘privacy settings’ through fun, lighthearted metaphors. All the while
drawing links to the features and privacy controls people can access online, on Facebook.